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 x deep immersion Dahab xdi padi courses технодайвинг в дахабе xdi  xdeepimmersion

Get started!



Try diving on ‘Intro dive’. Your instructor will tell you about safety and simplicity of modern dive equipment, about underwater environment, and technique of underwater interaction. After briefing you will be completely ready to start the underwater adventure, one of the best in your life. Dive lasts 40 min.



We get started with Open Water Diver course. This course lasts 3-4 days including wide theoretical studies and underwater training. During the course we will make 5 training dives and 4 full version fun dives. Depth limitation – 18 meters.

Go deeper!


We continue education with Advanced Open Water Diver course. Course lasts 2 days and offers you practical training your dive skills in different conditions such as depth, currents, night, etc. Depth limitation – 30 meters.

Those who want to reach the maximum limit of 40 meters are welcome to Deep diver specialty training. This course lasts 2 days including 4 dives to the range of 40 meters.

Go further! (more awesome specialties)



Continue education on Rescue Diver course (takes 3 days) or rush in deep studies of diving techniques on specialty training courses: solo-diving, deep diving, wreck diving, drift diving, etc.



Go Tech!

Improve your diving skills and learn new techniques on fundamental technical courses and further training, such as decompression procedures, extended range and trimix diving. Spice it up with classic tech setup, plus underwater scooters  and rebreathers.

Go Pro!


Switch to professional level and start sharing your passion and experience with others!

Divemaster and further Assistant Instructor courses give you a chance to start new amazing career.

Training and fun


Specs XDI
Rescue XDI

Here you can check the prices and full list of all courses available.

Divemaster XDI
Assistant Instructor XDI
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